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Floor Waxing & Refinishing

Scalzo Maintenance is a one stop shop for all your cleaning needs.

That’s why we also offer professional tile stripping, sealing, and waxing services. A clean, well-waxed floor brightens the entire room. You can transform the look of your office environment by having your floor refinished and maintained. We can help preserve the life of your tiles as well. Protect your investment and look great all year round with one of our maintenance programs!

wax door old (1)

wax door new


Our Process:

  1. Strip - Removal of old soiled dull wax from hard surface.
  2. Seal - Layer of protection that prepares a hard surface for wax coating.
  3. Wax - Final layer of coating applied to a hard surface that protects and adds glossy shine finished look.



Scalzo also offers a “No Skid” anti-slip layer of protection for all hard surface areas.

This layer will make hard surfaces grip to footwear when wet to help prevent against slips and falls in wet environments.

Perfect for hospitals, nursing homes, or building with hard flooring like marble, terrazzo, or ceramic tile.


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