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Commercial Tile & Grout

Even the best janitors & mopping systems won’t be able to clean those hard to reach areas between your tiles.tile

Pretreat – First, we pretreat the area and allow our product to soak in and loosen dirt, grease, or stains.

Scrub – Next we hand scrub every square inch of grout, agitating any soiling agents that penetrated its pores.

Rotary Brush – Then we use a rotary brush method on the tile to revive the surface.

Rinse – Finally we rinse and vacuum the entire area using a high pressure steam cleaning method. This removes all the dirt and stains from your tile and grout and leaves the area looking like new.

Our technicians can also apply a clear sealant to your tile and grout in order to protect and keep the area cleaner longer.

The sealer creates a barrier that resists dirt and liquids from penetrating the porous grout.

Scalzo also offers a “No Skid” anti-slip layer of protection for all hard surface areas. This layer will make hard surfaces grip to footwear when wet to help prevent against slips and falls in wet environments. Perfect for hospitals, nursing homes, or building with hard flooring like marble, terrazzo, or ceramic tile.

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