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Carpet Cleaning Process

Daily traffic, dirt, and dust can cause rapid soiling which wears down your carpet fibers fast.

Our professional care and periodic maintenance programs help extend the life of your investment while making your home or business environment look brighter, fresher, and more inviting.

Treat your family, employees, and clients to a clean and sanitized atmosphere.

Pre-Inspection Technicians will walk through your home to visually inspect the carpet being cleaned. They will listen to your concerns as you point out trouble areas. We will identify any permanent stains and provide expected cleaning results.
Vacuum Soil, dust, and pet hair is removed during this thorough vacuuming.
Move Furniture Pricing includes moving and replacing furniture.
Pre-Treat Biodegradable preconditioning product is applied to your carpet and begins to break down heavily soiled areas.
Spot Technicians will pre-treat any spots and spills to aid in the removal process.
Deep Cleaning Scrub/Agitation Our rotary floor machine and brush penetrates down to the deepest level of the carpet for further loosening of soil and any other contaminants.
Extraction and Rinse Our truck mounted high pressure steam cleaning rinse and vacuum will extract soil and pre-conditioner leaving zero sticky residue behind.
Neutralize A properly balanced PH cleaning will leave your carpet soft, fresh, and feeling good.
Post Spot/Carpet Protection Any spot that was not removed will be treated again. Carpet will also be protected by Scotchgardtm per customer request.
Grooming A professional grooming tool ensures the carpet pile is left standing in the correct position and allows for faster drying times.
Quick Dry High speed air movers are placed to promote faster drying. Typically under 1 hr.
Post Cleaning Walkthrough Technicians will walk you through the completed cleaning process to guarantee customer satisfaction.
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