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Floor Buffing & Burnishing

Constant traffic takes its toll on newly waxed floors making them look dull and lose their luster.

When the wax finish becomes soiled it immediately begins to wear off.



Agitation from shoes, dust, and dirt is highly abrasive to floor finishes. This abrasion causes waxed surfaces to look dirty, worn out, and in need of additional refinishing.

Buffing & Burnishing a floor on a regular basis can restore that newly finished look as well as dramatically extend the time between stripping and re-waxing.

With our customized maintenance program your floors will consistently look bright, shiny, and new all year round. This translates to decreased costs for our customers and at the same time eliminates any lapse in appearance level.

If we maintain a buffing schedule it will reduce the number of refinishing services that are necessary per year.

It is always more cost effective to buff or burnish a floor then to re-finish it!


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